dylan trigg

FWF Lise Meitner Senior Fellow

University of Vienna
Institut für Philosophie
1010 Wien, Universitätsstraße 7

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Dylan Trigg is FWF Lise Meitner Senior Fellow at the University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy.  

He has previously held several research/teaching posts, including: Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow at the University of Memphis, Department of Philosophy & University College Dublin, School of Philosophy (2014-2017); Irish Research Council Fellow at University College Dublin, School of Philosophy (2012-2014); CNRS/VolkswagenStiftung Postdoc at Les Archives Husserl, École Normale Supérieure (2012-2013); and CNRS/VolkswagenStiftung Postdoc at Centre de Recherche en Epistémologie Appliquée (2011-2012).  He has also been a visiting scholar at
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, School of Art and Design and University of Duquesne, Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center.

Trigg earned his PhD at the University of Sussex (2009), MA at the University of Sussex (2005), and BA at the University of London, Birkbeck College (2004).

His research concerns phenomenology and existentialism; philosophies of subjectivity and embodiment; aesthetics and philosophies of art; and 19th century German philosophy.



1. Topophobia: a Phenomenology of Anxiety (London: Bloomsbury, 2016)

2. The Thing: a Phenomenology of Horror (Winchester: Zero Books, 2014)
         > German Translation: The Thing: Eine Phänomenologie des Horrors  (Vienna: Turia + Kant, 2019)
         > Russian translation: Нечто: феноменология ужаса (Perm: Hyle Press, 2018)
         > French translation: The Thing : une phénoménologie de l'horreur (Paris: Les éditions MF, 2017)

3. The Memory of Place: a Phenomenology of the Uncanny (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2012)

4. The Aesthetics of Decay: Nothingness, Nostalgia and the Absence of Reason (New York: Peter Lang, 2006)


co-edited books

Legrand, Dorothée & Trigg, Dylan. Unconsciousness Between Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis (Contributions to Phenomenology, Vol. 88) (Heidelberg: Springer, 2017)


recent articles/chapters

1. “Situated Anxiety: a Phenomenology of Agoraphobia.” In Situatedness and Place. Edited by Thomas Huenefeldt and Annika Schlitte. Heidelberg: Springer (2018)
2. “From Anxiety to Nostalgia: a Heideggerian Analysis.” In Existential Medicine: Essays on Health and Illness. Edited by Kevin Aho. London: Rowman and Littlefield International (2018)
3. “On the Role of Depersonalization in Merleau-Ponty.” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Science (Volume 16, Issue 2, 275–289) (2017) [DOI: 10.1007/s11097-015-9451-x].
4. “Place and Non-Place: a Phenomenological Perspective.” In Hermeneutics, Place, and Space. Edited by Bruce Janz. Heidelberg: Springer (2017)
5. “Agoraphobia, Sartre, and the Spatiality of the Other’s Look.” In Body/Self/Other: Phenomenology of Social Encounters. Edited by Luna Dolezal and Danielle Petherbridge. New York: SUNY Press (2017)
6. “‘The indestructible, the barbaric principle’: The Role of Schelling in Merleau-Ponty’s Psychoanalysis.” Continental Philosophy Review (Volume 49: Issue 2, 203-221) (2016) [DOI: 10.1007/s11007-016-9374-4].
7. “The Role of the Earth in Merleau-Ponty’s Archaeological Phenomenology.” Chiasmi International (Issue 16, 255-273) (2015) [DOI: 10.5840/chiasmi20141616].
8. “The Body of the Other: Intercorporeality and the Phenomenology of Agoraphobia.” Continental Philosophy Review (Volume 46: Issue 3, 413-429) (2013) [DOI: 10.1007/s11007-013-9270-0].


recent invited lectures

1. “The Dark Entity: Phenomenologies of Home,” July 2018, Center of New Philosophy, Institute of Social Sciences and the Humanities of Tyumen State University.
2. “Beyond Human and Animal: Metamorphosis in Merleau-Ponty,” June 2018, The Inhuman Gaze, Centre Culturel des Irlandais, Paris.
3. “Phenomenological and Therapeutic Interventions in Agoraphobia,” June 2018, The Body in Clinical Practices, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.
4. “The Aesthetics of Nostalgia: An Atmospheric Perspective,” May 2018, Loyola Marymount University, Department of Philosophy, Los Angeles.

5. “Aesthetics of Nostalgia: On Bachelard’s ‘dialectical sublimation,’” December 2017, Sublimation—Mind, Matter, Concept in Art after Modernism, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz/Kunsthalle Mainz.
6. “Toward a Phenomenology of Shared Anxiety” December 2017, University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy.
7. “Nostalgia Between Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis,” November 2017 at New Research in Phenomenology, Psychology and Psychoanalysis, Babeş-Bolyai University.
9. “Body-Making: Nostalgia and the Image of Time” June 2017, (Un)imaginable Bodies, Ecole normale Supérieure, Paris.
10. “Atmospheres of Nostalgia,” April 2017, Antinomies of Vagueness, University of Copenhagen [Keynote lecture].
11. “Anxiety and the Breathing Body,” March 2017, Philosophy & Breath workshop, University of Bristol.
12. “Phenomenology of the Anxious Body,” presented January 2017 at New Directions in Phenomenology, UCD.


recent organised conferences

1. Organiser of “Atmospheres of Shared Emotion,” April 2019, University of Vienna (Two day international conference with 18 speakers). Funded by Austrian Science Fund and University of Vienna, Institut für Philosophie.

2. Organiser of “Philosophies of Anxiety,” June 2017, University College Dublin/Centre Culturel Irlandais (Paris) (One day international workshop with seven speakers). Funded by Marie Curie Actions and the Centre Culturel Irlandais.
3. Co-organiser of “Moods and Bodily Disorders,” November 2016, University College Dublin (One day international workshop with seven speakers. Co-organised with Dermot Moran, UCD). Funded by Marie Curie Actions and the International Centre for Newman Studies, UCD.
4. Co-organiser of “Orders and Disorders in Spatiality,” April 2016, University of Memphis (One day international workshop with five speakers. Co-organised with Shaun Gallagher, UOM). Funded by Lillian and Morrie Moss Professor of Philosophy Fellowship.
5. Co-organiser of “Anxiety: a Workshop on the Phenomenology and Embodiment of Anxiety,” March 2015, University of Memphis (One day international workshop with four speakers. Co-organised with Shaun Gallagher, UOM). Funded by Lillian and Morrie Moss Professor of Philosophy Fellowship.
6. Co-organiser of “The Future of the Body: Phenomenology, Medicine, and the Human,” June 2014, Trinity College Dublin (Two day international conference with 17 speakers. Co-organised with Luna Dolezal, TCD.) Funded by TCD, IRC, and the French Embassy.



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Photo: La Réunion, 2014.

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